Thursday, January 6, 2011

General Information

Author of ‘A Possible India’----  Partha Chatterjee.

Science of ‘ Pleasure & Pain’ is called as---- ‘Algedonics’.


Do you know Largest School of the World?----

                                           The City Montessori School(CMS) Lucknow,Uttar Pradesh(India), founded in 1959.


January event:- (India)

Jan 9- Pravasi Divas

Jan 12- National Youth Day

Jan 15- Army Day

Jan 30- Martyrs Day


Normally Hens Egg hatch in—21 days

Who coind the slogan ‘Inquilab Zindabad’?

                           ----  Mohammad Iqbal.

Where is Panipat?

                                ----- in Haryana, Ujendran, Thekkevila(India).



YOGA was developed by which country?

                                             ---------- India.

Unit of measurement of Depth------  Fathem.

‘Light Year’ is a measure of------  Distance.

Capital of Italy------- Rome.



Spiderman- Stanly, Steev Dicco

Super Man- Jerry Seegal, Joshster

Bat Man- Bill Fingor, Bobe Kain


Who was the first Indian Woman to fly abroad without Passport & Visa?

                           ---------- SITA, Wife of Lord Ram; with Ravan to Sri Lanka.


Pacific Ocean is the major ocean in the world & Baltic Sea is the minor sea in the world.

Duniya(world) me logon(people) dwara sabse jyada boli jaane wali bhasa (languages)-----------

                           North China ki Mederin Chini Bhasa.


India- State-Capital:-

State-  Capital

Gujarat- Gandhi Nagar

Tamil Nadu- Chennai

Nagaland- Kohima

West Bengal- Kolkata..


Which country is the largest producer of rubber in the world?

                             -------- Malaysia.

Length of Seuz Canal is-----  162.50 km

Kya aapko ye pata hai ki----

         Paris(France) me Insano ki aabadi se jyada waha pet dogs ki aabadi hai….


Duniya me sabse jyada Post-Office kaha hai?----------  in INDIA.

A Cheetah does not roar like a lion, it purrs like a cat.



CISF- Central Industrial Security Force

ICHR- Indian Council of Historical Research



LAMP- Galileo used Lamp to study

CANDLE- Graham Bell used candle to study

STREET LIGHT- Shakespeare studied in street light..


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