Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Join my Minerva Team


1) The most dynamic business model of the twenty first century bar none! The fusion of 2 powerhouse businesses. http://prabhupd.minervarewards.com

2) Think about this.... If you see a good movie you tell your friends, does the theatre or film makers give you a referral fee? NO If you eat at a great restaurant and tell your friends does the restaurant send you a referral fee? NO ALL you are doing is "referring" people to a website that inevitably they will hear about really soon anyway. Do you want someone else to receive your referral fee because you didn't share? I sure don't!..... and it's FREE, what do you have to loose? ADD YOUR LINK HERE

3) The MinervaPlace.com Cash Rewards business model is totally unique. It fuses retail, brand advertising, internet marketing, direct response, social media and affiliate marketing into a revenue powerhouse with more profit centers than any competitor in the history of marketing.http://prabhupd.minervarewards.com/

4) Imagine if you owned a piece of Amazon.com! Consider this your second chance......
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Join me and Minerva for the ride of your life!

5) Know Me...Like Me... Follow me ! To Minerva Place.... An Opportunity Extraordinaire !
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6) Did You Know! A staggering 82.4% of MEN & WOMEN in the US who make $100,000+ do it in direct sales. More millionaires are made in direct sales THAN ANY OTHER business & most millionaires are made on the ground floor of new companies. I have the business opportunity, with the ground floor timing, and proven business model- if you have the work ethic, passion, & tenacity.~THIS MAY NOT BE FOR EVERY MAN OR WOMAN, BUT IF YOU ARE PASSIONATE, HARDWORKING, MOTIVATED AND HAVE A "WHY" TO SUCCEED, PLEASE JOIN ME! http://prabhupd.minervarewards.com/ For more information - http://blog.minervaworldwide.com/wp-content/uploads/affiliate-memo-V11.pdf

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