Tuesday, April 17, 2012

are your child's milk teeth break?

New Delhi .. What are your child's milk teeth break? As opposed to throwing them in the dental stem cell bank can be saved for future use. In the case of serious illnesses in the life of the child's tooth stem cells can be used in the construction.
Dental stem cell banking in India is new, but it Amblikl cord blood banking is believed to be a more effective alternative. Stem cell therapy in damaged tissue or lesion in the patient's body in a healthy and new cells are installed.
Founder and Managing Director Shailesh Gdere Stemed Biotech, said: "Amblikl good source of cord blood-related cells. Related illnesses such as blood can be used to treat blood cancer. It is said that only four percent of all illnesses are blood-related diseases. "
"The remaining 96 percent tissue-related diseases related to tissue stem cells may be a good source to extract the tooth. These cells can be used in all kinds of body tissue. For instance, in the brain in Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease in the eye, cirrhosis of the liver, diabetes, the pancreas and in the case of fracture of the bones in the skin can also use them. "
Related tissue cells can be used in the reconstruction of the heart cells.
Children's teeth related diseases expert Savita Menon says that five to 12 years of age, children's milk teeth stem cells can be easily removed. When the baby began to move a tooth taken out from the stem cells without any surgery can be collected.
Dental stem cell banking facility in India that the number of companies are still very low. These include companies such as Stemed and Store Your Sales. Stem cells to preserve the 21-year period may cost around Rs 100,000.
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