Sunday, December 5, 2010

UPSC-INTERVIEW Avoided things

* Avoid the expression, 'I am sorry.'
* Avoid conversational cliches, like: 'as you know', 'that's correct', 'of course', 'indeed', 'obviously', etc.
* Avoid technical jargon. However, if a member continues to probe you in any technical field, you can use technical expressions.
* Maintain a cheerful disposition. Now and then you can appear serious; but most of the time keep smiling or look cheerful and composed. One caution here: if the board laughs, you should only smile. It is only when you maintain some amount of distance that the board begins to wonder about the depth of your personality.
* Do not give long introductions. Come straight to the heart of the matter.
* Show human concern whenever possible in your answers.
* You should be logically consistent and analyse things rationally while talking. You are supposed to defend what you say, but with due respect to the views of the board. Stop trying to defend an answer if it becomes difficult to do so logically and fairly.
* Do not make hasty or sweeping generalisations.

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